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The First Step of Homeschooling: Legal

The first step when beginning to homeschool is to learn what the homeschooling laws for your state are. While homeschooling is legal in every state each state has different rules and regulations for how it can be done and pulling your child out of public schooling can be rather difficult. The Homeschool Legal Defense Association is the number one source for finding the laws for your state. There is a large range of regulations for the states from no notice required to take your child out of the public school system to highly regulated where the parent must provide quarterly reports to the state. There are more nuances that those for each individual state and the specifics can be found on the HSLDA website.

The reason that we advocate for the HSLDA is because they are one of the main groups that fights and wins court cases on behalf of the homeschool community. They come to the aid of individuals that are fighting against a system that is unfriendly to homeschoolers. A small sample of their current News Updates at the time of writing this article shows this.  They were one of the first to tell the Michigan State Superintendent Michael Rice that they had no legal authority to make a list of homeschooled students in the state of Michigan. They also came to the aid of an aspiring sheriff, Leslie Agro, when his application was rejected because the South Carolina sheriff’s office erroneously believed his homeschool diploma did not meet the minimum education requirements for the position.

Without membership they provide up to date legal requirements for homeschooling by state and links to resources to aid you. The membership is $12/month and is very much worth it. For members they will help in your filing of paperwork, help in choosing a curriculum, and most importantly legal defense for no extra charge. If your state government or local school district is giving you trouble and in some cases harassing you and your family for homeschooling they will be there to fight for you in court. With the rapid increase in homeschooling over the past year that does not look to be slowing down the government will almost assuredly be increasing the legal difficulty of homeschooling and groups like the HSLDA be doing their best to keep them in check.