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Initial Homeshool Curriculum Advice

After learning the laws, it is now time to pick a curriculum. Most people end up spending more money than they need on their first year. This happens all the time, but that doesn’t mean you should do it! The curriculum could be great, but the way the material is presented might not mesh well with the student. In other words, you just lost all your money.

We recommend starting with Discovery K12 as it is an all in one non-common core online homeschool curriculum.  They have everything you need for: Language Arts, Reading/Literature, Math, Science, History/Social Studies, Visual/Performing Arts, and Physical Education. The primary reason we recommend this service because it is entirely free for the student. And I mean entirely. This allows you to start immediately at no cost. However, free for the student does not mean free for the parent. It does cost $100 per year for the parent to oversee the student account, but the parent account can oversee any number of students. I do not believe there is an upper limit for the number of students either.

Another great benefit of using Discovery K12 and having the parent account is that is has built in attendance, quizzes, tests, grades, and printable transcripts. This is useful for providing documentation of your child’s education. Discovery K12 has been used with success in even the strictest states such as New York. For some parents, the most important part of this will be the grades and pre-made assignments because it does the work in an unbiased way.

To be clear, we do not believe that Discovery K12 is the best homeschool curriculum. Because there is no best homeschool curriculum for everyone. Everyone learns differently and that is great. However, this is an inexpensive way to figure out where the child’s education gaps are. Instead of spending money on an expensive curriculum, we suggest using this inexpensive option as a complete curriculum that works for a lot of people. The first year is all about figuring out where your child is in education. They could be better in some areas and worse in others. Save your money for when you figure out what your child needs help with.

Discovery K12 may be the only curriculum you ever need to use. But the odds are that something will not click with your student and that it perfectly ok. If you do find the gaps and need additional help, we are curating material for each grade by subject. There is a decent amount there right now and we are looking to grow. If you have suggestions, please let us know.