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Chemistry I

Chemistry I and II are required courses for all degrees at almost all universities. It is a foundational science and the accompanying lab can be very rewarding. These courses offer great practical insight into the way the world works.

The prerequisites for this course are:  Precalculus II

This course is a co- or prerequisite for: Chemistry II

Book resources 

Section 8.1 - Molecular Shapes: The VSEPR Model

Section 8.2 - Valence Bond Theory

Section 8.3 - Hybridization and the sp Hybrid Orbitals

Section 8.4 - Other Kinds of Hybrid Orbitals

Section 8.5 - Polar Covalent Bonds and Dipole Moments

Section 8.6 - Intermolecular Forces

Section 8.7 - Molecular Orbital Theory: The Hydrogen Molecule

Section 8.8 - Molecular Orbital Theory: Other Diatomic Molecules

Section 8.9 - Combining Valence Bond Theory and Molecular Orbital Theory