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Circuits Lab

What to get out of the course

The purpose of Circuits Lab is to provide the student with a good hands on understanding of how electrical circuits work. Some people take to this course like white on rice, others will leave this course believing circuits are magic. The recommendation, as always, is to take your time with this course. It can be very useful for a number of useful home projects. 

The course is usually taught as a lecture and the lab. 

How it is applied

Circuits lab prepares the student for more Electrical Engineering based courses as well as prepares them to work on teams with Electrical Engineers on more even terms. 

What are the requirements

The Circuits Lab is usually a mandatory course for Physics majors. It is a on semester course usually taken in their Junior year.  The usual prerequisite courses is only Physics II, but it may be beneficial to have taken Electricity and Magnetism I or at the same time. 

What are the course options

There is only one option for the course. There are a number of video series that cover the course material and the lab material. 

The video creator and playlists we have collected so far are: Circuit Lab, Brian Storey, and Practicing Circuits