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Classical Mechanics I

Classical Mechanics is Physics I the way that Newton envisioned. It requires a solid understanding of the math courses up through Differential Equations and Linear Algebra. The most important topic in this course is the Lagrangian. 

The prerequisites for this course are:  Physics II, and Multivariable Calculus 

This course is a co- or prerequisite for: Differential Equations

Book resources 

Section 4.1 - Kinetic Energy and Work

Section 4.2 - Potential Energy and Conservative Force

Section 4.3 - Force as the Gradient of Potential Energy

Section 4.4 - The Second Condition that F be Conservative

Section 4.5 - Time-Dependent Potential Energy

Section 4.6 - Energy for Linear One-Dimensional Systems

Section 4.7 - Curvilinear One-Dimensional System

Section 4.8 - Central Forces

Section 4.9 - Energy of Interaction of Two Particle

Section 4.10 - The Energy of a Multiparticle System