Chapter 16 Continuum Mechanics

Classical Mechanics II

Classical Mechanics is Physics I the way that Newton envisioned. It requires a solid understanding of the math courses up through Differential Equations and Linear Algebra. The most important topic in this course is the Hamiltonian. 

The prerequisites for this course are: Differential Equations, and Classical Mechanics I

This course is a co- or prerequisite for: Quantum Mechanics I

Book resources 

Section 16.1 - Transverse Motion of a Taut String

Section 16.2 - The Wave Equation

Section 16.3 - Boundary Conditions; Waves on a Finite String

Section 16.4 - The Three-Dimensional Wave Equation

Section 16.5 - Volume and Surface Forces

Section 16.6 - Stress and Strain: The Elastic Moduli

Section 16.7 - The Stress Tensor

Section 16.8 - The Strain Tensor for a Solid

Section 16.9 - Relation between Stress and Strain: Hooke's Law

Section 16.10 - The Equation of Motion for an Elastic Solid

Section 16.11 - Longitudinal and Transverse Waves in a Solid

Section 16.12 - Fluids: Description of the Motion

Section 16.13 Waves in a Fluid