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Mathematical Methods for Physics

What to get out of the course

The point of Math Methods is to demonstrate how all of the math courses you have taken can be applied to Physics. It is not a survey course in the traditional sense but it is something of a catch all course because it covers a very wide range of topics. You should try to leave the course with enough of an understanding of the material that if you see an equation or problem even if you do not immediately know how to solve it you do know what type of problem it is and what books to look at for help.

What are the requirements

The requirements for this course vary by university but the student needs to have at least taken Multivariable Calculus or be enrolled in it simultaneously. Some students end up struggling in this course because they take it either before or alongside some of the other math courses. 

What are the course options

There is only one option for this course and it is advised to wait to take this course until you have most if not all of the 1xxx and 2xxx math course completed before attempting the course. This will likely make the course incredibly easy but it is better than doing it too early and hurting your GPA because the material you haven’t seen yet is heavily weighten on a test.

Where is the study material

The textbook for this course is: Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences 3rd Edition
by Mary L. Boas 

We are not providing video material at this time because, as noted earlier, this course only covers the material in other courses with the addition of Physics applications. For video help in this course please see: Calculus I, Calculus II, Multivariable Calculus, Intro to Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations