Earth to Mars


What to get out of the course

There is not a lot to get out of these course as far as the technical aspects go if you have had a decent education up to this point. The main technical challenges may come from the lengths of the papers you are tasked with writing. The actual challenging aspects of this course will come from your professor. English courses are the best course to learn how to work to the graders criteria. At best some professors may take off points for how you right and others will take of points if they do not like your topic. To make matters worse they have a lot of grading leeway.

How it is applied

English courses help to give you practice writing papers. For STEM majors the better course is Technical Writing. It is often allowed as a replacement for the second part of the English courses.

What are the requirements

All students are required to take two English courses. They are not the most difficult courses but it is advised to take them early on because the later you do them the less you will care. 

What are the course options

The options for this course are very limited. Most people simply take the two sequenced English courses. It is advised to replace the second course with Technical Writing option.