Earth to Mars


What to get out of the course

The purpose of Humanities courses is to develop an understanding of human society and culture. This subject is obviously broad in scope. Philosophy, Religion, Art, and  History among others.  Each have their own merits and are worth considering.

How it is applied

Humanities courses are meant to help you in the workforce and in Academia by giving you specific types of insight to better complete jobs. 

What are the requirements

Most STEM degrees require you to take two Humanities courses. These do not have to be the same subject and do not have to be in sequence (a 101 followed by a 102 of the same title). You may mix and match between any of the courses as well. If you are taking them from a Community College ensure that the course meets the transfer agreement of whichever University you may transfer to.

What are the course options

For STEM the courses you choose for your Social Sciences do not really matter. As long as they meet the requirements for your degree they are all equally fine and provide only minimal benefit to your STEM courses. However, for personal benefit, practical knowledge and to satisfy your curiosity you should take some time in considering which to choose. History and Art History classes are strongly recommended if you come from a Homeschool background.