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What to get out of the coure

When taking a basic statistics course you should be getting how to read and interpret a technical report. You should be learning how to perform an experiment so that it will make the correct mathematical conclusion.

How it is applied

You will be able to apply statistics in any report you might give.  Statistics is a great way of organizing facts to look good in reports. 

What are the requirements

The requirement for statistics is Calculus  I & II. You won’t need a lot of calculus in this course, in fact many colleges offer a statistics course with only an algebra requirement. 

What are the course options

If you are stuck deciding between which statistics course, algebra or calculus, you should take, consider whether you will need it to transfer. If you need the course to transfer to another college, eg. a four year, you should take the calculus version. If you don’t need the course to transfer, take the algebra version.