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Woodworking is one of the most accessible hands on activities. It allows people to create tangible and useful items with their own hands at a comparatively low cost. The projects here are obviously not comprehensive, but it should be adequate for people to get started and learn important skills to work on other projects that you either design yourself or that you find on places like instructables. An important companion skill to woodworking and most trades in general is CAD. For woodworking projects Sketchup is a good place to start with CAD as it is free and there are a lot of available tutorials. We will be providing resources for getting started with CAD as soon as possible so be on the look out for it. 

Basic - Projects

The goal of this section is to first determine if you are interested in woodworking. Second is to help develop the basic skills required such as: measuring, cutting, gluing, reading and making plans. The most common power tools used in these projects are the Electric Drill and the Circular Saw. These tools are must haves for anyone who does woodworking but as you start out can be substituted for a Hammer and Nails as well as a Handsaw. However, when you determine if you would like to pursue more woodworking projects it is advised to obtain these tools as soon as possible. The projects listed here are all from the same creator. He provides the 1:1 scale plans and the Sketchup files for a very low cost. The most expensive one is around $20 and it is highly recommended to buy them. 

Intermediate - Projects

The goal of this section is to familiarize yourself with some of the more important techniques of woodworking. These mostly includes the different types of joints and cuts that are common. Dado cuts, dowel rod joints, and mortis and tenon joints. These can be done with a circular saw and electric drill but it is not very efficient or consistent to use those tools. For these projects it is not absolutely necessary but highly advised to invest in a table saw, a drill press, a band saw, and a miter saw, but only as you need them. If you have come this far you can likely imagine which tools you would benefit the most from.

Advanced - Projects

The goal of this section is to demonstrate the possibilities of woodworking. This section contains tools and equipment that you can make on your own rather than buy. Some of them are likely to be extremely challenging and should only be attempted after you are very comfortable with your skills and if you have a lot of patience.