At the kindergarten level the student should be relatively comfortable with the alphabet and by actively trying to read things they see on their own.

Goals for the year are to develop a strong understanding of addition and subtraction

[expand title=”Math” rel=”Functions and Models”]

Math u see Primer Universal Set: 136,[resource link]


[expand title=”Reading” rel=”Functions and Models”]

Bob Books: 30,[resource link]

School Zone – Big Kindergarten Workbook: 7,[resource link]


[expand title=”Handwriting” rel=”Functions and Models”]

Handwriting with out tears: 20,[resource link]


[expand title=”Science” rel=”Functions and Models”]

180 Days of Science: 20,[resource link]

Boom! 65 Experiments Kit: 40,[resource link]

Space A Visual Encyclopedia: 18,[resource link]

space dictionary: 11,[resource link]

Astronomy for kids: 11,[resource link]

The way things work: 26,[resource link]

Human Body Activity Book: 7,[resource link]


[expand title=”Geography” rel=”Functions and Models”]

Days of Social Studies: 22,[resource link]

merka Educational Posters: 19,[resource link]

the geography coloring book: 34,[resource link]