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High School / Community College

By the time the student reaches High School they should have developed their skills and knowledge enough that they can start making plans for their future. Whether they are interested in entering trades or higher education this is a pivotal time. Because the average homeschooler is more capable than their public school peers we recommend that they pursue an Associate’s as soon as possible. Which in most states is 14 years old. We recommend this, whether they plan to pursue trades or higher education. The course outline that we present below is for an Associates of Science. This outline can be modified for students interested in trades as Community Colleges offer Vocational training and certificates. However, the Associates of Science and Vocational training are not mutually exclusive. For more information please look to the articles section or contact us.

Signifies a course that can usually be completed at both community college or a four year college.

Signifies a course that can likely be completed at only a four year college.